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Iberia Airlines Essay Example for Free

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 Iberia Airlines Essay
i. whom does it serve?
In 1944, the civil Aviation Conference was held in Chacigo, where fifty two states siged an International Convention that established the basic principles for the functioning of the air market: each country could negotiate bilateral agreements with other countries in order to regulate the market conditions that would govern air traffic. Before the 1980’s, the planning system used was basically “ point to point�, that is to say, direct flights from one city of origin to another of destination.
 Instead of planning simple routes, they planned routes from and to the hub airports that came from or were going to other cities. In 1959,
ii. What value does it deliver?
They used medium and low capacity aircraft on low density routes. Generally they only made domestic flights and rarely international ones. They competed with flag carriers and also with low cost carriers, which had caused a decline in their per passenger income.

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